Beaver Lakes Hockey LeagueBeaver Lakes Hockey League
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BLHL   Schedule :  2016 Playoffs
Num Date Time Location Home H Score V Score Visitor
1 Fri-Feb 05 8:00pmWhitefishWhitefish Flyers34Laronge 89ers
2 Fri-Feb 05 8:30pmBig River Big River Braves 143Leoville Huskies
3 Fri-Feb 05 8:30pmBirch Hills Birch Hills Blackhawks 94Muskeg Blades
4 Fri-Feb 05 9:00pmFlying Dust Meadow Lake Broncos 161Moosomin Warriors
5 Sat-Feb 06 8:00pmLaronge Laronge 89ers 96Whitefish Flyers
6 Sat-Feb 06 8:00pmLeovilleLeoville Huskies29Big River Braves
7 Sat-Feb 06 8:00pmBlaine LakeMuskeg Blades38Birch Hills Blackhawks
8 Sat-Feb 06 8:00pmMoosomin First NationMoosomin Warriors114Meadow Lake Broncos
9 Fri-Feb 12 8:30pmBig RiverBig River Braves15Birch Hills Blackhawks
10 Fri-Feb 12 9:00pmFlying DustMeadow Lake Broncos57Laronge 89ers
11 Sat-Feb 13 6:00pmLarongeLaronge 89ers56Meadow Lake Broncos
12 Sat-Feb 13 7:30pmBirch Hills Birch Hills Blackhawks 63Big River Braves
13 Sat-Feb 20 7:00pmFlying DustMeadow Lake Broncos45Laronge 89ers
14 Sun-Feb 21 2:30pmLarongeLaronge 89ers45Meadow Lake Broncos
15 Sun-Feb 21 5:00pmBig River Big River Braves 20Birch Hills Blackhawks
16 Fri-Feb 26 8:30pmBirch HillsBirch Hills Blackhawks35Big River Braves
17 Sat-Feb 27 8:00pmBig RiverBig River Braves47Birch Hills Blackhawks
18 Sat-Feb 27 8:00pmFlying Dust Meadow Lake Broncos 62Laronge 89ers
19 Fri-Mar 04 8:30pmFlying Dust Meadow Lake Broncos 54Birch Hills Blackhawks
20 Sat-Mar 05 7:30pmBirch HillsBirch Hills Blackhawks34Meadow Lake Broncos
21 Sat-Mar 12 7:00pmFlying DustMeadow Lake Broncos12Birch Hills Blackhawks
22 Fri-Mar 18 8:30pmBirch HillsBirch Hills Blackhawks23Meadow Lake Broncos
Underlined scores indicate an Overtime Game.
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